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Help stop torment of bulls in cruel festival in Peru

Posted: 4 July 2019. Updated: 4 July 2019


Despite being banned five years ago, the cruel ‘Jalatoro’ festival is still taking place in Ayacucho, Peru, as filmed by Animal Defenders International (ADI) and local animal campaigners.

ADI’s video shows a picture of drunken savagery, as:

  • A terrified bull tries to resist as he is dragged from a truck, by ropes around his horns, into a baying, drunken, violent crowd;
  • The poor animal is hit and kicked, beer is poured over him and water sprayed into his face to make him move;
  • As the bull is dragged out and drops to the ground, the screaming, thuggish crowd – a sea of smart phones – torment and goad the bull, giving chase as he is dragged along the street;
  • Pulled along by a rider on horseback, the tormented animal runs into trees and other obstacles as he tries to escape the savage mob;
  • One after another, more animals suffer a similar ordeal;
  • A bull falls, and is dragged along the ground, before lying motionless, as the horse rider speeds through the street;
  • It is not just the bulls who suffer, a horse tumbles to the ground after slipping on the wet, slippery street.

In 2014, the authorities in Huamanga province, Ayacucho, banned these cruel ‘Jalatoro’ festivals, held over Easter, but they simply continued under the name ‘Pascua Toro’. Historically associated to a symbolic gift for the poor, this modern-day festival has become associated with a level of brutality which has no place in civilised society.

In 2017, the ‘Pascua Toro’ was cancelled after a bull ran amok, injuring several people, including a policeman. Last year, it was halted by the Public Prosecutor following abuse of four animals and injuries to eight people. Ahead of the 2018 event, ADI and local campaigners received death threats and police advised they should not to attend; nevertheless, they documented the unacceptable and shameful suffering of these animals, returning to do so again this year.


As Jan Creamer, President of ADI says: “It is sickening and shames the human race to see such barbaric violence and abuse inflicted on a terrified, innocent animal.”

If you agree, please join ADI in urging the Peruvian authorities to end this cruel and disgraceful event once and for all.

Take action today!

ADI is also working to secure a national ban on bullfighting in Colombia; find out more here.

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