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The science on suffering: Political and public support (1)

Posted: 17 May 2006

12. Political and public support

EDM 1626: Animal Welfare (No. 2) 13.02.2006

Mike Hancock. 108 signatures.

That this House commends the work of Animal Defenders International in collecting video evidence of the abnormal behaviour and suffering of animals in travelling circuses, and notes this shows that travelling circuses cannot adequately provide for the basic welfare needs of their animals and as such fail the welfare test of the Animal Welfare Bill; notes that circus animals spend excessive periods of time shut in transporters, whether travelling or not, are forced to live in temporary facilities lacking appropriate space and environmental enrichment, and often in inappropriate groupings of animals; further notes that violence is commonplace and part of the circus culture, and no other working animals spend such a long time, normally at least eight months, in temporary mobile accommodation, thus making animal transport regulations difficult to police and enforce, and that the arrangements for circus animals are entirely different from the higher quality accommodation and transport arrangements of animals being transported for racing, horse shows, dog shows and similar events; and therefore urges that the Animal Welfare Bill is used to end the use of animals in travelling circuses and to take measures to protect performing animals in permanent facilities through regulation and to end the currently legal use of violence to train animals for the purposes of entertainment.


Norman Baker. 107 signatures.

That this House is concerned about the welfare of wild animals in circuses; notes the large body of evidence collected by the Born Free Foundation, Animal Defenders International, RSPCA and others showing that a circus environment cannot provide for the needs of wild animals, including Anne the elephant; is appalled that Anne the elephant is still being moved around the country with Bobby Roberts Super Circus even though she suffers from arthritis; asserts that it would be in her best interests to be retired from circus life; recognises that the proposed duty of care requirement cannot be met in a circus environment; and calls on the Government to introduce measures to end the use of wild animals in circuses in the forthcoming Animal Welfare Bill.

EDM 714: Cruelty to Animals 14.06.1999

Kerry Pollard. 76 signatures.

Protest at leniency of Mary Chipperfield Promotions Ltd., sentences.

EDM 767: Cruelty to Animals 22.02.2000

Kerry Pollard. 61 signatures.

Protest at leniency of Mary Chipperfield Promotions Ltd., sentences.

EDM 787: Animal Defenders and Circus Animals 12.02.1998

Joan Humble. 214 signatures.

That this House congratulates the investigators working for Animal Defenders for the excellent and thorough report, ‘The Ugliest Show on Earth’, detailing appalling abuse and cruelty inflicted on circus animals by keepers and other circus people; is horrified that such gratuitous cruelty occurs in this day and age; is deeply concerned about the threat to public safety from escaped circus animals caused by inadequately constructed housing and exercise facilities; notes that circuses exist in a legal loophole, inadequately regulated, licensed and inspected; and calls for a ban on the use of animals in travelling circuses and the extension of the Zoo Licensing Act 1981 to cover the permanent holding facilities thus regulating staffing, housing, food and other welfare issues, public safety, hygiene, breeding, transport, sale and other disposal of the animals.

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