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Animal Defenders International : Animals in entertainment : Shocking video of animal cruelty presented to Prime Minister

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Shocking video of animal cruelty presented to Prime Minister


9th November 2004: BEAT ME, KICK ME, WHIP ME...
TV presenter Wendy Turner Webster presented a shocking new video detailing the suffering of animals in circuses at 4.30pm today, to No. 10 Downing Street.

The video is part of a campaign by Animal Defenders International to lobby the Government to include a ban on animal circuses in their new Animal Welfare Bill.

Filmed in the UK, Europe, the USA and South America, the video depicts a life of deprivation and excessive restriction of movement for circus animals, punctuated by violence - the violence can take the form of a kick, a punch, a whipping or a full-blown beating with clubs or iron bars.

A new opinion poll shows overwhelming public support for a ban on the use of animals in circuses - 63% think that animal circuses should be banned, and 80% think that trainers should be banned from hitting animals.

Over 200 local authorities in the UK have already banned animal circuses from their land - yet such bans are often circumvented by circuses renting from local landowners, even setting up on supermarket car parks.

Jan Creamer, Chief Executive of ADI, states: “Right now, the Government is deciding what will be included in the Animal Welfare Bill. There is a chance to finally end the use of animals in circuses, which is what most of the public wants.

"The Government’s Animal Welfare Bill has some good news for animals - it introduces an underlying duty of care for those keeping animals, and the new ‘welfare’ section provides new protection on psychological and environmental suffering.

"But the section on circus animals is a disaster. Not only has the Government ignored the wealth of evidence on circus animal suffering that ADI has presented, but further, the proposal for licensing is ill-thought through and ill-informed.

"Almost everything on the video would remain legal, leaving circus animals vulnerable."

Currently, approaching 200 animals are touring the UK. Although public disquiet has cut the number of circuses with wild animal acts, there are still three circuses touring which have between them an elephant, a bear, lions, and tigers.


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