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Never go to circuses with animals

Posted: 28 July 2006


Basta de sofrimento nos circus em Portugal

Never go to circuses with animals: There are plenty of other forms of entertainment without animal suffering, including circuses with only human acts.

Por favor, passe este panfleto a um amigo e peça-lhe que não apoie divertimentos com base na violência contra animais.

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In October 2005 ADI launched a major Stop Circus Suffering campaign in Portugal based on undercover evidence collected by ADI Field Officers. Click for the full story.

Circuses in Portugal exposed
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The ADI campaign partner in Portugal is ANIMAL. Founded in 1994 in Porto but conducting much of its activity in Lisbon and throughout all the country, ANIMAL is one of the largest and most active animal rights organisations, campaigning not only against animal circuses, but also against bullfights, rodeos, dog and other animal fights, pigeon shooting, zoos, the fur industry, vivisection and the use and exploitation of animals for food. ANIMAL’s high profile campaigns, initiatives and court cases have, over the years, turned Portugal from a nation indifferent to the suffering of animals into a nation which is increasingly aware, concerned and active in defence of animals.

Portugal Success

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