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Outrage at US Marine throwing puppy to its death in Iraq

6 March 2008

A video posted online, shows a smiling US Marine in combat gear, laughing then throwing a squealing puppy over a cliff in Iraq to its certain death. The Marine comments whilst doing so, in a child-like...

Hunting supporters lost second High Court challenge

5 January 2006

Hunt supporters lost their second High Court challenge to the ban on hunting with dogs in England and Wales in July. Two senior judges ruled that the ban does not breach either the European Convention...

Hunting with dogs is banned!

2 June 2005

Hunting with hounds and hare coursing in England and Wales became illegal on 18th February 2005. The legislation takes an important step towards eradicating violence and cruelty in the name of entertainment,...

What are bloodsports?

A blood sport is the name given to practices such as hunting, fishing, hare coursing, badger baiting and animal fights (cockfighting, dog fighting, etc.), which either cause bloodshed or result in the...

House of Commons votes to ban hunting with hounds

On 15th September 2004, the House of Commons voted, by 339 votes to 155, to outlaw hunting with hounds. The Hunting Bill will ban deer, fox, hare, and mink hunting by July 31st 2006 and hare coursing by...

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