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Attempts to end bullfighting subsidy in Europe

3 December 2014

While Members of the European Parliament debated the budget for the coming year in Strasbourg on 22nd October they had the opportunity to end the subsidy of almost €130 million given to the bullfighting...

Help stop bullfights returning to Colombian city

2 January 2014

After a three year hiatus, bullfights look set to return to the Colombian city of Cartagena de Indias on January 4th, 2014, unless the authorities intervene. ADI believes that if they allow these cruel...

Fight the proposal to give bullfighting legal protection in Spain

16 May 2013

Campaign updateFollowing the vote to grant bullfighting protected cultural heritage status by the Congress of Deputies in October 2013, the Senate also voted in favour of the legislation on 6 November...

No Oscar for Blancanieves

30 January 2013

Spanish bullfighting movie Blancanieves has failed in its quest for an oscar nomination! ADI and CAS International, La Tortura no es Cultura and PiepVandaag called on the award committee to distance...

2013 Oscars entry ‘Blancanieves’ meets with opposition from animal lovers over bullfighting cruelty

11 December 2012

The movie ‘Blancanieves’ – billed as a bullfighting version of Snow White – has met with fierce opposition from animal lovers across Europe, who have signed a joint petition by ADI and fellow animal protection...

Help stop Oscar nomination of Spanish bullfighting movie

9 October 2012

ADI has united with CAS International, La Tortura no es Cultura and PiepVandaag to voice our opposition of the Spanish movie Blancanieves, a bullfighting version of Snow White. Several bulls have...

Prohiibición de las corridas de toros en Bogotá

15 June 2012

El alcalde de Bogotá anunció que ya no se permitirán más corridas de toros en Bogotá, Colombia. ADI junto a otros grupos locales han destacado el sufrimiento que implican. El alcalde explicó que la...

Bogotá, Colombia, bans bullfighting

15 June 2012

The Mayor of Bogotá has announced that bullfighting will no longer be allowed in Colombia’s capital city, following a campaign by ADI and other local groups, highlighting the suffering involved. Mayor...

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