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Building work begins on new elephant enclosure condemned by welfare groups

13 September 2012

According to press reports, construction of a new elephant enclosure at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm - expelled from the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums (BIAZA) in December 2009 because of its...

Opposition to orcas in captivity grows in the US

26 July 2012

In the wild, orcas live in large, complex family groups, roaming around 200kms a day, hunting, playing and interacting with their own species. Compare that to an existence in captivity, for some in isolation,...

ADI Wants to Know Why SeaWorld Orcas are Dying Prematurely

6 October 2010

ADI is distressed to learn that within a month of the death of ‘Sumar’, a young captive orca who died in captivity at a SeaWorld facility in San Diego, ‘Kalina’, a young female orca has now died at the...

After the tragic, premature death of an orca in their care, when will Sea World listen and learn?

13 September 2010

Animal Defenders International (ADI), the leading animal welfare organisation that works globally for the protection of animals, are saddened and frustrated to learn that ‘Sumar’, a young captive...

New website calls for public to pledge to oppose marine mammal shows after Sea World death.

19 March 2010 launched by Animal Defenders International (ADI), features video and photographs of Tilikum (Tilly) the killer whale who killed his trainer. Jan Creamer, ADI President says:...

Zoo chimpanzee shooting raises questions how we treat our relatives in the animal kingdom

15 November 2007

On Saturday 29th September, two chimpanzees, Coco and Jonnie, escaped from their enclosure at Whipsnade Safari Park. Neither animal was believed by the zoo to be dangerous. There was a pursuit. Coco...

Different fates for elephants

8 November 2006

This summer we were delighted to be reunited with Pat Derby and Ed Stewart of the Performing Animal Welfare Society with a visit to their California sanctuary. Previously we have addressed the PAWS annual...

Rhanee no longer alone

2 June 2005

Tragically left alone again last year, when companion Costa died, we are pleased to report that Rhanee is no longer alone. By strange coincidence, her new companion is called Toto! Rhanee the elephant...

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