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CRAC campaign to abolish bullfighting in France progresses

30 November 2009

French anti-bullfighting group CRAC (Radically Anti-Bullfighting Committee) launched a billboard campaign in October 2009, along with 22 other partners, in Marseille to alert the public about the barbaric...

ADI applauds BA's quick action to remove bullfighting mentions from website

16 November 2007

Animal Defenders International is delighted with the swift response from British Airways to ADIís letter of protest that BAís website was promoting blood sports as a tourist attraction, in particular,...

2,000 Protest Bullring re-opening

23 May 2006

On Thursday the 18th May, Animal Defenders International (ADI) took part in a demonstration organised by ANIMAL, ADIís partner organisation in Portugal, against Touradas, the Portuguese type of bullfighting....

Bullfight protest

15 May 2006

ADI protests as bullfighting returns to Portugalís Campo Pequeno after five year absence International animal rights groups join demonstration led by actress Sofia AparŪcio outside Campo Pequeno bullring...

What is wrong with bullfighting?

Bullfighting most notably takes place in Spain, Portugal and Mexico, however, many other countries allow it as well, including; France, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Peru and Venezuela. A bloodless form...

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