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Whale Facts - Q&As

22 February 2017

Q. Have any studies been done on orcas in captivity? In 1992 Erich Hoyt authored a report entitled ‘The Performing Orca – why the show must stop’[i], which involved a study of marine parks around...

Act For Zoo Animals!

7 November 2016

The Zoos Directive – which, if effectively implemented, could reduce the suffering of captive animals and prevent zoo animals being used as mere amusement across Europe - is currently being evaluated as...

Support the ORCA Act (HR4019)

30 January 2016

The Orca Responsibility and Care Advancement Act of 2015 (HR4019) seeks to prohibit the import, export, and taking of orcas and orca products, and to prohibit breeding for exhibition. Orcas swim over 100...

SeaWorld expansion subject to breeding ban

9 October 2015

The California Coastal Commission voted unanimously this week to approve San Diego SeaWorld’s plan to build bigger orca tanks, but with the significant condition that they end their captive breeding program....

Plans for new dolphinarium in Madeira opposed

13 August 2014

ADI has teamed up with 30 other animal groups to oppose plans to build a dolphinarium on the Portuguese island of Maderia. In a joint letter, the governor is urged to abandon the proposed plans for the...

New Bill could end keeping orcas in captivity in California

11 March 2014

UPDATE: Sadly the Bill has been postponed until 2015, as decided during its hearing on April 8, 2014 by the California State Assembly’s Committee on Water, Parks and Wildlife. ADI will post updates on...

BBC condemned for collaborating with marine park on dolphin documentary

20 February 2014

ADI has condemned the BBC for collaborating with a marine park that exploits dolphins for entertainment during the making of ‘Spy In The Pod’. The series, narrated by actor David Tenant, involved strapping...

Groups call on WAZA to expel members that support dolphin drive hunts

19 February 2014

ADI and 40 other groups have signed up to a joint letter spearheaded by Whale and Dolphin Conservation and Cetacean Society International which calls on the World Association of Zoos and Aquaria (WAZA)...

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