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Animal Defenders International

Ban primate pet trade

Posted: 5 January 2006

The trade in rare and exotic animals is a huge global business, valued at $12 billion a year. Europe is one of the world’s largest markets for wildlife and wildlife products. Smuggling wildlife, including many endangered species, is now the third largest illegal cross-border activity after the arms and drug trades. Poachers are stealing an estimated 38 million animals a year from Brazil’s Amazon forests.

Ironically baby chimps, orangutans and small monkeys are popular as pets because they resemble human babies. But the object of the human owner’s affection has been torn from their mother for a life of isolation from their own kind. These monkeys and apes provide humans with company, but they are utterly alone, and all too often, as disposable as the nappy in which they were once dressed.

This summer we submitted evidence to a UK Government consultation on EU CITES regulation 8.2; we urged that the keeping of primates as pets be banned.

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