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ADI oppose the capture of Namibian wildlife for export to Cuban zoo

Posted: 19 July 2012. Updated: 13 December 2013

ADI, together with a coalition of animal protection groups, have contacted the Namibian government to protest against the proposed capture and export of 148 wild animals, including threatened and internationally-protected species such as rhinos and elephants, to the National Zoological Park in Havana, Cuba.

In a letter to the Minister of Environment & Tourism, the coalition urges the government to call an immediate end to this project – which is in direct conflict with Namibia’s official aim to promote the conservation and protection of wildlife – and return any animals that may already have been caught to the wild.

Campaign Update:

Thank you all who contacted the Minister of Environment & Tourism to voice your opposition and Director of Tourism to oppose the capture.

Sadly the round-up of 147 animals went ahead and the second and final shipment – which included threatened species such as rhinos and elephants – arrived at the National Zoological Park in Havana in December 2013. It is a travesty that these animals have been snatched from the wild for a life in captivity.

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