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Elephants in Zimbabwe Still Under Threat

Posted: 22 January 2013. Updated: 22 January 2013


Although five wild-caught baby elephants have been saved from export to China, and captivity – though sadly not to be returned to their herds – the fate of other elephants remains unclear, with an increasing number of animals in the wild under threat.

Late last year, four young elephants taken from the wild in Zimbabwe were exported to China. One of the elephants died soon after arrival at the Taiyuan Zoo.

Last week, news broke of reported plans to send another 14 elephants to China. Thanks to an international campaign led by the Zimbabwe National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ZNSPCA), five elephant calves captured in the Hwange National Park and originally scheduled for trade with a zoo in China were rescued this past weekend and returned to the wild.

Unfortunately, dozens of other elephants still face an uncertain future. According to the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force, at least two elephants are being held to complete an order for China, which includes the three surviving elephants sent to China late last year. And there are apparently orders for a further 48 elephants from countries around the world.

Please urge the Zimbabwe government to end the trade in wild elephants and the Chinese government for the safe return of their elephants to the wild.

Contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Zimbabwe at

Contact the Zimbabwean and Chinese embassies where you live:

Click here to read about ZNSPCA’s rescue of the five baby elephant calves.

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