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Polar bears still under threat whilst the West African manatee is protected

Posted: 7 March 2013. Updated: 7 March 2013

West African manatee to receive greater protection

A proposal to list the West African manatee as an Appendix I protected species, sponsored by Benin, Senegal and Sierra Leone, was passed at the CITES meeting on March 6th. The species which is targeted for both meat and its use in traditional medicine has a population in the region of 10,000 individuals.

Polar bears in Canada still at risk from hunting

A US proposal to ban the trade in polar bears was rejected at the CITES meeting on March 6th. Canada who was opposed to the ban, alongside EU countries including Norway, argued that the main impact on polar bears was climate change and not hunting and that the Inuits who would have been able to continue to hunt the animals but not sell their skins or parts under the proposal supported by Russia were managing the bears appropriately. Those backing the ban disagreed, stating that two-thirds of the population, which number 20,000-25,000 individuals, would disappear by 2050.

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