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Protection for manta rays and sharks looks promising

Posted: 13 March 2013. Updated: 13 March 2013

Proposals to protect manta rays, the oceanic whitetip shark and three species of hammerhead shark have been passed at the CITES meeting and now await final adoption on Thursday. If successful, these species will be granted Appendix II status. Thank you to everyone who contacted their CITES representative to seek protection for hammerhead sharks.

Rosewoods protected from illegal trade

CITES have voted to protect Thai, Black, Hondoras, Malagasy and other rare rosewoods highly sought in China from illegal logging and unsustainable forestry practices. Belize, Madagascar, Thailand and Vietnam were commended for already banning the harvest of these species, ahead of the approved proposal that will require future imports to possess a CITES export permit.

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