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Tonya Kay gives sea turtles a helping hand

Posted: 30 July 2013. Updated: 1 August 2013


Actress Tonya Kay is a friend of ADI and the animals. Tonya recently volunteered for a sea turtle protection program in Costa Rica which gives the next generation a helping hand to safeguard their survival.

As Tonya describes in her video blog, sea turtle populations are in serious decline, their greatest threat commercial fishing. The ships’ huge nets are often indiscriminate resulting in the deaths of non-target species including turtles and dolphins. The populations of sea turtles are also affected by egg poaching.

As part of a Pretoma conservation project in Costa Rica, Tonya helped patrol the beaches each night looking for the tracks of turtles coming ashore to lay their eggs. To protect them, the eggs are collected by volunteers and taken to a hatchery where they are placed in sand ‘nests’ similar to the ones their mothers would have so painstakingly made. The nests are routinely monitored and once the hatchlings make their way to the sandy surface, they are taken to the water’s edge to be released into the ocean.

The scale and severity of the illegal trade in turtle eggs was highlighted in May 2012 by the tragic death of conservationist Jairo Mora Sandoval who was murdered whilst attending a nightly patrol. In an article by The Independent, which reported on his death, it states how “Turtle egg poaching has become a major problem around the Caribbean city of Limon, even though Costa Rica officially outlawed the practice in 1966.”

Please help Tonya raise awareness about the plight of sea turtles!

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