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California Shark Fin Ban Upheld

Posted: 4 September 2013. Updated: 4 September 2013


On August 27, 2013, a US federal appeals court refused to block California’s ban on the sale of shark fins. The California state law, which was passed in 2011 and took effect in July 2013, bans the possession and sale of shark fins, thereby effectively banning the trade.

San Francisco-area Chinese restaurants and their suppliers have challenged the state law, stating that a ban on the sale of the Chinese delicacy is discriminatory. However the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals found that the restaurants and suppliers failed to show they would suffer “irreparable harm” if the ban went into effect while the lawsuit was pending. The court said it was unlikely the lawsuit would prevail, but noted the legal action was still alive and could be continued in a lower court.

About Shark Finning

Shark finning is responsible for the deaths of nearly 100 million sharks each year, pushing the species to the brink. Finning is a particularly brutal practice; fishing vessels pull their catch on board and slice off the shark’s fins while the animal is still alive. Many are then thrown back into the sea to die.

Take Action

  • Pledge never to buy shark fin or other shark products
  • Boycott shops and restaurants that sell shark fin and let them know why
  • Write to your local paper to spread the word

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