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ADI and supporters march for the elephants!

Posted: 7 October 2013. Updated: 7 October 2013


To highlight the cruelty and devastation resulting from the illegal trade in ivory, ADI took part in the International March for Elephants on Friday 4th October, in London, Los Angeles and San Francisco. In total, events were held in 37 cities worldwide.

In London, hundreds of people marched to the Houses of Parliament and demanded an end to the ivory trade. ADI and local supporters joined celebrities Nicky Campbell and Rula Lenska, Zac Goldsmith MP and a host of likeminded organisations and members of the public.

Every 15 minutes an elephant is killed for its ivory and last year alone up to 36,000 elephants were killed.

Conservationists say that, at the current rate of poaching, African elephants could face extinction in the wild by 2025.

Black market ivory commands huge prices in countries such as China and Vietnam, while enforcement of anti-poaching laws is often lax in countries where elephants live, like Zimbabwe. Recently, in this southern African nation, more than 100 elephants, as well as other wildlife, were horrifically poisoned by cyanide poured into their watering holes.

Please, whenever you can, support efforts to stop the ivory trade and protect elephants in the wild.

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