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New EU plans to crack down on illegal wildlife killing

Posted: 13 December 2013. Updated: 13 December 2013


The IUCN African Elephant Summit, held on 2–4 December 2013, saw 30 governments agreeing to take urgent action to stop poaching and ivory trafficking. Wildlife trafficking, involving organised criminal groups, is to be classified as a “serious crime”, allowing international law enforcement measures such as asset seizure and extradition to be used against those committing wildlife crimes.

During the summit, the announcement was made that the European Union will support a programme to improve protection for elephants, great apes and rhinos, and species such as marine turtles in the Caribbean and the Pacific. “Minimising the Illegal Killing of Elephants and other Endangered Species (MIKES)” is to receive €12.3 million between 2014–2018, and will be implemented by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) in collaboration with 31 African elephant range States and in some protected area sites in the Caribbean and Pacific regions.

Measures taken in MIKES will include strengthening the monitoring of animal populations and poaching, improved law enforcement against illegal killing and an emergency response system for sudden increases in illegal killing and trade. European Commissioner for Environment Janez Potocnik stated that the programme “shows that the ready to strengthen its efforts to combat wildlife trafficking and reduce its devastating impacts on biodiversity”.
According to the project’s figures, in 2012, approximately 22,000 elephants were killed illegally across Africa. A record of 35 tons of ivory was seized in 2011.

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