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Complete ban on shark finning in New Zealand from 2016

Posted: 9 January 2014. Updated: 9 January 2014


The government of New Zealand – which ranks among the top 20 exporters of shark fins and has 113 species of shark in its waters – has announced that a complete ban on shark finning will be in place from October 2016.

Read more about this important announcement to protect shark species here.

Shark finning is responsible for the deaths of nearly 100 million sharks each year worldwide. Finning is a particularly brutal practice. Fishing vessels pull their catch on board, and slice off the shark’s fins whilst the animal is still alive. Many are then thrown back into the sea to die.

Help protect sharks worldwide

  • Never buy shark fin products or dishes or anything containing products from sharks
  • Boycott shops and restaurants that sell shark fin and let them know why
  • Write to your local paper to spread the word

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