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Urge Yahoo! Japan to end all elephant ivory sales

Posted: 15 April 2016. Updated: 15 April 2016

Through its online shopping and auction sites Yahoo! Japan is the world’s largest internet ivory seller. On March 24, 2016, ADI teamed up with over 30 environmental and conservation organizations to call on the company and major shareholder SoftBank to halt all elephant ivory sales.

Read the open letter to SoftBank and Yahoo! Japan which states that “Yahoo! Japan’s auction and online shopping sites are a major distribution channel for the sale of ivory in Japan, much of which is illegal. The scale of ivory sales of dubious origin on Yahoo! Japan’s shopping and auction sites is immense and growing.”

More than 30,000 elephants are killed each year for their ivory, fueling a poaching crisis in many African countries. To combat this crisis and protect elephants, major ivory markets including the United States, China, and Hong Kong have committed to taking steps to ban domestic ivory trade. Internet retailers Google, Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba have also banned ivory sales on their sites. Please urge Yahoo! Japan to join them

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