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Posted: 24 February 2017

US Proposals in preparation for CoP17

ADI recently urged USFWS to consider the particularly US contribution of trophy hunting upon wild populations. The evidence shows trophy hunting’s claimed benefits are inflated, bear little connection to actual conservation, and don’t come close to those derived through non-consumptive tourism, which provides local communities lasting economic benefit and incentivizes conservation.

If you live in the US, support S.2385, S.1918, HR3526, & HR3448 against trophy hunting:

Find out more on ADI conservation campaigns

Permit request for the import of 18 wild elephants to US zoos

USFWS failed 18 wild elephants by permitting their capture and import to US zoos, citing Swaziland’s threat to otherwise kill the elephants. ADI joined numerous scientists, conservationists, and welfare and policy experts against the unethical strong arm permit approvals and dubious claims of “overpopulation” threatening other species. No serious efforts were made to keep the elephants in Africa where they belong. They deserve better.

Email the USFWS or call 1-800-344-WILD

Rulemaking related to “predator control” on public lands

ADI recently commented in support of USFWS rulemaking to reign in Alaskan predator hunting practices, including trapping and aerial hunting. ADI underscored its opposition to hunting, trapping, baiting, snaring, or killing of any animal, noting the cruelty of such practices and the import of natural predator-prey relationships.

Email the USFWS or call 1-800-344-WILD

Proposed Rulemaking regarding Marine Mammals

ADI weighed in on the USDA new rulemaking for marine mammals. Despite mounting evidence, USDA proposes no species prohibitions or increased space requirements (which haven’t changed since 1984). Citing industry “burden,” certain proposals lessen requirements and allow longer interactive (swim-with-dolphin) programs, despite their impact and horrific wild-capture.

Read ADI’s comments here and our joint submission with Animal Welfare Institute and twelve other welfare organizations here.

Petition to ban public contact with big cats, bears, and nonhuman primates.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Animal Welfare Act. ADI submitted comments today, citing longstanding enforcement issues and supporting a petition to prohibit public contact with bears, nonhuman primates, and big cats.Wild animals are inherently unsuitable for public contact. They are not toys for entertainment, but have an independent right to live in peace. It’s their earth too.

Ask the US Administration to celebrate the Animal Welfare Act’s 50th birthday by updating the law (for the first time in years) and by comprehensively assessing and addressing chronic enforcement issues to protect animals.

STOP THE PRIMATE IMPORTS! Hendry County, Florida

ADI’s investigation into monkey breeding and supply company, Biodia in Mauritius and Spain led a trail to Hendry County, Florida, where the notorious monkey supplier has plans to send thousands of monkeys to a new facility to supply the US primate laboratories.

See more on the investigation and the campaign to end monkey suffering

Read more about ADI’s investigation of the Mauritian primate trade & find out how you can take action

Hendry County is now an epicenter for US primate breeding, despite opposition. ADI reached out to state and national legislators, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, Hendry County Commissioners, the city of LaBelle, and stakeholders in opposition to this cruel industry, whose horrors are evident in one ADI investigation of a Mauritius breeding farm.

Oppose monkey breeding in Florida

Houston, Texas

ADI is working with local campaigners to oppose the keeping of several white tigers in bare concrete cells at the Houston Aquarium. Unlike wild tigers whose home ranges approach 300 square miles, these tigers never go outside. White tigers are inbred and can suffer abnormal, debilitating, even lethal conditions.

Stand up for tigers in Texas:
Houston Aquarium: (713) 223-3474
Email Landry’s Restaurants (which owns and operates the aquarium)
(800) 552-6379 or (713) 850-1010

Big Cat and Public Safety Protection Act

ADI supports HR3546 to prohibit private possession/breeding of lions, tigers, leopards, snow leopards, clouded leopards, cheetahs, jaguars, cougars, and their hybrids. In 20 years, there have reportedly been 22 human deaths, 144 cat deaths, 248 maulings, and 260 escapes related to these species. Captive breeding negatively impacts wild populations.

In the US, support the Big Cat and Public Safety Protection Act (HR3546):

Captive Primate Safety Act

ADI supports HR2920 to prohibit the import, export, transport, sale, receipt, acquisition, or purchase in interstate or foreign commerce of primates. Primates share our love of life and suffer the travails of life on earth as we do. Primates aren’t just our mates - they’re part of the family.

Find out more on ADI’s “My Mate’s a Primate Campaign”
In the US, support the Primate Safety Act (HR2920):

END Wildlife Trafficking Act

President Obama signed bill S.2385, the END Wildlife Trafficking Act, introduced by Senators Coons and Flake, into law in Oct. 2016. S.2385 includes targeted goals to battle wildlife trafficking and, appropriately, does not exempt trophy hunting. Just prior to its introduction, ADI reached out to their committee to oppose the trophy hunting exemption added (after Cecil’s death) to the Global Anti-Poaching Act. To hold any credibility in the fight against wildlife trafficking, the US cannot ignore its role as the world’s largest trophy importer. ADI also attended CoP17 in South Africa, to advocate against wildlife trafficking and trophy hunting.

Global Anti-Poaching Act
ADI initially supported this bill, until its House amendment exempted trophy hunting. ADI then reached out in opposition to the Senate committee receiving the bill. Afterwards, two committee members introduced the END Wildlife Trafficking Act, a similar bill without the exemption. Kudos to those recognizing the impact of trophy hunting.

In the US, support SB2385 to END Wildlife Trafficking:

Humane Cosmetics Act

ADI supports the Humane Cosmetics Act (HR2858), to prohibit animal testing for cosmetics. ADI worked with NAVS for decades on the successful EU cosmetics ban. Let’s bring the US in line with public opinion and 30 countries who’ve banned cruel and needless testing.

In the US, support the Humane Cosmetics Act:

Orca Responsibility and Care Advancement (ORCA) Act of 2015

ADI supports the ORCA Act (HR4019), which seeks to prohibit the import, export, and taking of orcas and orca products, and to prohibit breeding for exhibition. Orcas swim >100 miles/day, easily diving >600feet – they belong in the wild, not some tiny tank. ADI applauds California passing Senator Bloom’s state version (AB2140), which the governor signed into law in September!

In the US, support the ORCA Act:
In California, support AB2140:

Rare Cats and Canids Act
ADI supports the Rare Cats and Canids Act (HR2697), which proposes a fund to support in-country conservation programs for rare cats and canids. The best conservation starts at home.

In the US, support the Rare Cats and Canids Act:

Sanctuary Regulatory Fairness Act

ADI supports the Sanctuary Regulatory Fairness Act (S1898/HR3294), to allow rescued primate import to certified US sanctuaries. Currently, primates may be imported for science, education, or exhibition, but not to rehome rescues in an appropriate sanctuary. Help provide primates new lives in reputable US sanctuaries.

In the US, support the Sanctuary Regulatory Fairness Act:

Sportsmen’s Heritage & Recreational Enhancement (SHARE) Act
Grand Canyon Bison Management Act

ADI opposes the SHARE Act (HR2406), which expands trophy hunting/trapping, and the Grand Canyon Bison Management Act (S.782/HR1443), mandating a bison cull. These bills ignore sound wildlife practice and opposition by the Department of Interior and non-consumptive users, who comprise 85% of US wildlife recreationists. This year, the SHARE Act was inserted into a massive Energy bill, and risks passage hidden there, among its hundreds of pages.

In the US, oppose the:
SHARE Act (HR2406) sponsored by Rep. Wittman
Grand Canyon Bison Management Act (HR1443 (now part of the SHARE Act)/ S.782 sponsored by Rep. Gosar, Sen. McCain, Sen. Flake.

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