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Oppose plans to lift leopard hunting ban in South Africa!

Posted: 8 March 2017. Updated: 8 March 2017


Just weeks after plans to export as many as 800 lion skeletons during 2017 were announced, the Department of Environmental Affairs in South Africa has published plans to permit the trade in rhino horn AND regulate the hunting of leopards. The public has until 9 March 2017 to comment.

The leopard hunting plans seek to “issue Norms and Standards for the management and monitoring of the hunting of leopard in South Africa for trophy hunting purposes”.

A ban on hunting leopards has been in place in South Africa since 2016, after its CITES Scientific Authority stated the high risk to the survival of the species that trophy hunting posed.

The leopard is classified as “vulnerable” meaning it faces a high risk of extinction in the wild. Populations have seen a dramatic reduction due to human conflict, habitat loss, the illegal wildlife trade, a decline in prey, and trophy hunting.

With the continuing threats the species faces, it is important that the ban remains in place.

Please take action today!

Send a polite email to Ms Bomo Edith Edna Molewa at urging the Minister of Environmental Affairs to keep the leopard hunting ban in place. State that the species continues to be at risk of extinction in the wild due to human conflict, habitat loss, the illegal wildlife trade, trophy hunting and other threats.

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