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Stop export of Namibian elephants to UAE zoo

Posted: 7 July 2017. Updated: 7 July 2017

Eden Wildlife game park in Namibia, a self-proclaimed “hunter’s paradise”, has been granted a permit by the government to export five young wild-caught elephants to Safari Park Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

ADI and other animal protection and wildlife conservation groups have called on the Swedish company Ittur Group, which owns the game park, to halt the capture and export of these and other elephants. Read our joint letter here

Elephants have a highly organised social structure and strong family bonds that can last a lifetime. Taking them from their herd causes significant harm, and disrupting the bond between mother and calf physical and psychological trauma.

The removal of African elephants from the wild for captive use is opposed by conservation experts the IUCN SSC African Elephant Specialist Group and, the export of wild elephants for this purpose, is prohibited by South Africa, Namibia’s neighbour.

Please take action today to prevent wild elephants being condemned to a life in captivity!

Template letter

Dear Ambassador

I am writing to urge the government of Namibia / United Arab Emirates to stop the export of wild elephants and specifically the five young elephants from Eden Wildlife destined for Safari Park Dubai.

The removal of African elephants from the wild for captive use is opposed by animal protection and welfare organisations as well as scientists and conservationists around the world, including the IUCN SSC African Elephant Specialist Group.

The effect of taking this highly intelligent and emotionally complex species from the wild and their family groups is severely compromised welfare, from the moment they are captured through to their incarceration at their final destination.

African elephants should remain in the wild, where they can live full lives and interact in their social groups as nature intended and as they have done for generations.

I hope Namibia / United Arab Emirates will act to stop this practice.

Yours sincerely

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