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Help save Florida panthers!

Posted: 24 August 2017. Updated: 28 August 2017


Only 160-180 Florida panthers now remain, living in less than 5% of their historic range. The species face increasing and evolving threats including habitat loss/degradation due to climate change and human growth/development.

Signatories to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) trade treaty meet periodically to determine which species require protections in international trade. At CITES’ October 2016 meeting in Johannesburg, Canada’s proposal to downlist the Florida panther was approved; the US abstained from voting on the measure, citing ongoing threats and reiterating its commitment to domestic panther protections. Those supporting the decision made clear its basis was that the species is not internationally traded; it was not that the Florida panther is no longer endangered.

ADI opposed decreased CITES panther protections, and spearheaded a joint letter to the CITES Secretary-General, joined by numerous animal protection groups.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service is now conducting its 5-year status review for the Florida panther, under the Endangered Species Act. ADI again joined a number of NGOs in calling for continued panther protections and the designation of critical habitat under the Endangered Species Act. Please join us and help save the Florida Panther!

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