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ADI & NAVS Chief Executive Jan Creamer has baby chimp named after her

Posted: 23 January 2007


We are delighted to report that a new baby chimp born at the renowned Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage has been named after ADI and NAVS Chief Executive Jan Creamer. Sylvia Jones of Chimfunshi says it was a way of saying thanks for all the support Jan has given Chimfunshi.

Sylvia reports:
"Julie’s baby, Jan, was born on the 18th May 2006 at the Orphanage and is now starting to show interest in her surroundings. We named her Jan after Jan Creamer at ADI and NAVS as thanks for all her support for Chimfunshi.
At four months old she, chimpanzee Jan that is, is trying to find her feet.
She holds tightly onto her mother while trying to stand on her wobbling legs. The other chimps watch with great interest. Kit, the second youngest in this group, is adored by the whole group, he is often seen trying to hold little Jan’s hand, although mother Julie keeps a very strict eye on Kit."

Toto the chimpanzee rescued by ADI from a travelling circus in South America was moved to Chimfunshi by ADI and the group continues to provide financial support for the Chimfunshi and Toto.

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