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One third of animals could see dramatic decline through climate change

14 May 2013

A new study by the University of East Anglia's school of environmental science has predicted that 34% of animals and 57% of plant species are likely to lose half or more of their habitat range through...

Press your MP to sign up to save animals and their homes

3 August 2007

Early Day Motion 1385 tabled by David Drew MP is currently before the UK Parliament which calls for protection of the world’s forests as part of the strategy to combat climate change. Please write...

Animals and the tsunami

The tsunami that hit Asia unleashed one of the biggest human tragedies the world has ever seen. As global aid efforts appeared on TV, many people contacted us to ask about the animals. Here we round up...

What a waste: Making something from your Rubbish

Recycling doesn't only save the world overflowing with discarded rubbish, it can create a host of energy efficient products and protect other resources. Glass: Everyday, 14 million bottles and jars...

Environmental Threats

There are many threats to this fragile planet we live on, pollution, destruction of the rainforests, depletion of the ozone layer, hunting of animals to extinction. But there is action we can take to help...

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