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Turkey suffering EXPOSED at free range farm

Posted: 17 December 2018. Updated: 8 April 2019


Animal Defenders International (ADI) has released shocking scenes from a free range turkey supplier in the UK that will horrify consumers paying a premium for higher welfare, showing terrified birds being kicked and crushed to get them to the dinner table.

While the animals were caught and crated for slaughter:

  • Workers show a complete lack of respect and empathy for the animals, kicking and brutal handling them.
  • Workers ram up to 9 birds into each transport crate, against Defra guidelines to “avoid unnecessary struggling which could bruise or otherwise injure the birds.”
  • Workers pick up turkeys by their wings, necks and a single leg, against Humane Slaughter Association (HSA) recommendations.
  • Workers slam animals into the crates, instead of them being “lowered gently” as described in HSA recommendations, trapping wings and other body parts.
  • Birds try to making a break for freedom but there is no escape as they are grabbed, dragged and packed.

Watch the video now:


The ADI investigation of the turkey barn near East Hanningfield, Essex, was carried out over 2 weeks from 20 November–3 December 2018, using hidden cameras. The brutal 3+ hour loading of more than 2,500 turkeys was documented on 28 November. In the subsequent days of observation, remaining animals were confined to the barn.

Violent acts towards the turkeys were also documented prior to loading day. The two workers responsible were also seen smoking in the straw-filled barn, risking both animal and human health.


ADI statement, April 2019
On 18 December 2018 we released footage of turkeys being mistreated at a farm that we originally identified as a Kelly Bronze farm, based on the fact the location featured on a Channel 4 documentary about Kelly Bronze. We subsequently reported that Kelly Bronze had disputed that the farm we filmed was theirs. Paul Kelly has now confirmed to us that he built the tunnels in which the birds were kept, and was at that site in the documentary in August 2017 as a representation of where such birds could be kept. However, he has told us that the farm was sub-let to another un-named producer and the birds featured in our film were not reared as Kelly Bronze turkeys. We are happy to make that clear.

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