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Turkey suffering EXPOSED at free range farm

17 December 2018

Animal Defenders International (ADI) has released shocking scenes from a free range turkey supplier in the UK that will horrify consumers paying a premium for higher welfare, showing terrified birds...

Asian bird flu and the human pandemic

4 November 2005

In response to the recent bird flu outbreak, ADI is emphasising the necessity of using appropriate and humane methods to kill infected and in-contact birds. Methods used should result in immediate death...

Egg production

Living conditions Many millions of egg-laying hens all over the world are reared in intensive systems. On intensive battery farms, egg-laying hens are kept in wire mesh cages, stacked in tiers in huge...

Behind the Scenes of Christmas Turkey Production

50,000 slaughtered everyday at one factory alone; What a way to celebrate peace on earth.. In December 2000, we released the shocking findings of an undercover investigation into the Christmas turkey...

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