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Fur Stop campaign launched at Finnish Parliament

Posted: 22 February 2010. Updated: 5 September 2017


On Friday 18th February, ADI presented the “Bloody Harvest: the real cost of fur” video and the main findings of the accompanying report on the Finnish fur farming industry to the Finnish Parliament. The video shows the systematic abuse of foxes and mink farmed for their fur, abuse endemic to the industry.

Right: Ms. Salla Tuomivaara (Animalia), Ms. Mari Puoskari (Member of the Parliament/Green Party), Mr. Pentti Tiusanen (Member of the Parliament/Vice-chairman of the Environment Committee), Ms. Anne Nieminen (Oikeutta Eläimille), Alexandra Cardenas (ADI)

ADI’s Finnish campaign partner Oikeutta Elaimille, stated that some of the farms investigated were certified by the Finnish Fur Breeding Association.

The event was addressed by several members of Parliament including a spokesperson of the Left Alliance party, Mr Paavo Arhinmaki, the Vice-Chairman of the Environment Committee, Mr Pentti Tiusanen and a representative of the Green Party, Ms Mari Puoskari.

Mr Paavo Arhinmaki introduced the event and commented that this investigation was a wake-up call for Parliament to discuss a ban on fur farming; Finland is falling behind other European countries that have already banned this practice. Encouragingly, Mr Arhimaki took immediate action by tabling a written parliamentary question to the Ministry of Agriculture and asked what action the Government was going to take to ban fur farming.


Right: Ms Anne Nieminen (Oikeutta Eläimille), Alexandra Cardenas, Mr. Paavo Arhinmaki (Member of the Parliament/Left Alliance party). Alexandra Cardenas is handing the report to MPs

Support for the campaign and a ban were voiced by all three representatives with the Vice-Chairman of the Environment Committee, Mr Pentti Tiusanen also criticising the lack of action taken by the Ministry of Agriculture. He further highlighted the importance of presenting the footage to designers who will be showing fur on the catwalks during the Milan and Paris fashion weeks. Ms Mari Puoskari added that the initiative to ban fur farming will be an important part of the Green Party’s agenda after next year’s election.

ADI spokesperson Alexandra Cardenas urged the Finnish Parliament to table legislation to ban fur farming and follow the compassionate step already taken in the UK, Austria and Croatia. A representative of the local Finnish group Animalia, Salla Tuomivaara, also requested the Parliament to table a ban.


Right: ADI campaigner Alexandra Cardenas

ADI will continue to show the footage in various European countries, targeting consumers and designers that wear or use fur to take responsibility for creating a demand for a product that causes millions of animals to suffer and die unnecessarily.

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