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Fur Stop campaign launched in Milan

Posted: 26 February 2010. Updated: 5 September 2017


‘Bloody Harvest – the real cost of fur’ video screened during Milan Fashion Week.

In the midst of Milan Fashion Week, On Friday 26th February, ADI launched their Fur Stop campaign, screening the Italian version of their ‘Bloody Harvest – the real cost of fur’ video, and distributing copies of the accompanying report.

Right: ADI Head of Parliamentary Affairs, Helder Constantino, speaking to the Italian press

Having already launched their Fur Stop campaign in London and Helsinki earlier this month, ADI joined Italian campaign partners AgireOra Network to urge both designers and consumers to consider how the fur being worn and sold is produced before it reaches the catwalk.

ADI Head of Parliamentary Affairs, Helder Constantino, presented the findings of the investigation that showed that these animals live short lives in deprived conditions, exposed to fear and suffering disease and deformities. He stressed that that given the circumstances of intensive farming and the constant push for profit; it is simply not possible for these animals to be kept in a way that can maintain physical and psychological health. Agire Ora’s spokesperson, Marina Berati, highlighted the relevance of this campaign, timely tied with the Milan Fashion Week aiming to bring designers and consumers face to face with the reality of fur.

The event was held in the prestigious Spazio eventi Mondadori Multicenter at 11.15am this morning, and was attended by the regional and national Italian newspapers, TV and radio. The video, showing the appalling systematic abuse of foxes and mink farmed for their fur, shocked the press particularly as many MFW designers have shown fur on the catwalk on their 2009 autumn –winter collections.

ADI will continue to show the footage in various European countries, targeting consumers and designers that wear or use fur to take responsibility for creating a demand for a product that causes millions of animals to suffer and die unnecessarily.

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