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A Lifetime: Living and dying on a fur farm

Posted: 26 September 2017. Updated: 21 November 2017


Over two years, from 2014 to 2016, ADI recorded operations at a fur farm in Poland, documenting the life experiences of foxes farmed for their fur. The animals live in cramped, barren wire mesh cages with no space to run or explore and nothing to occupy the interest of these intelligent, inquisitive and highly active animals. Some of the cages were similar to the size of a travel crate that one might use to temporarily transport a dog. However, these foxes remain in the cages for the whole of their short lives. Due to the extreme confinement, living inside an exposed wire mesh box, the animals suffer both psychological and physical damage. Water is provided in a tin can attached to the side of the cages and food is dumped on a tray attached to the outside of the cage for foxes to eat through the mesh. The cages are raised off the ground to allow the animals’ faeces and urine to fall beneath, left to just pile up.

Contrast these stark conditions to their diverse natural environment and diet. Naturally shy and secretive animals, foxes have large territories and live in dens below ground in open country. They eat a wide range of foods including small mammals, fish, birds’ eggs, insects, grass, berries and other fruits.

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