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Tragedy of the fox who almost got away.

Posted: 4 October 2017. Updated: 30 November 2017


Comedian Ricky Gervais backs anti-fur campaign as Animal Defenders International (ADI) release undercover footage of fox on fur farm recovering after electrocution and trying to escape.

A fox on a Polish fur farm is dragged from a barren mesh cage by his tail, hung upside down, electrocuted and tossed, with a thud, seemingly lifeless, onto a cart.

However, as ADI’s hidden cameras record more animals being killed, the fox begins to stir amongst the other dead foxes, slipping off the cart and making a run for it. The swearing farmer finally recaptures the fox and again hangs the animal upside down by a hind leg. But now the fox knows what will happen and desperately tries to avoid the probe, clamping his mouth shut and twisting, as the fur farmer hits him in the face. The fox eventually bites the probe and dies.

The new footage demolishes fur industry claims that killing on fur farms is quick, efficient and humane.

Electrocution is the fur industry standard for killing foxes. The website of a coalition from the Fur industry of America and Canada, entitled “The Truth About Fur”, boldly claims “100% of the animals are dead within 10 seconds”.

Comedian Ricky Gervais is backing ADI’s campaign to ban this cruel industry, stating “Fashion is a form of escapism for many but for the animals, imprisoned and denied their most basic needs, death is the only escape. It doesn’t have to be this way – save lives by going fur-free and supporting ADI.”


Botched killings and more suffering.

Each year, 110 million animals are killed on fur farms where the animals’ living conditions alone – small, bare, mesh cages – show no regard for the welfare of the animals. Over 15 million foxes are killed in a year, usually for trinkets, trims and accessories, but up to 35 foxes can be used to make a fur coat.

Examples of botched killings filmed by ADI on the Polish fur farm include:

  • After electrocution, a fox regains consciousness amongst dead foxes and makes a run for it. He is recaptured. Then, hanging upside down, he tries to avoid the electric probe, so is poked and hit until he bites it.
  • In another killing on the farm, a fox is clearly still breathing after electrocution and is hung up and electrocuted again.
  • A conscious fox was left hanging by a back foot, and struggled for nearly two minutes while the farmer answered his phone.
  • Foxes were heard screaming or yelping when the electric probe went into their mouths; when the animals did not fully bite down, the farmer had to make additional attempts to kill them.

ADI have also released another short video, following the lives of two foxes Borys and Eryk, on a fur farm. Watch their story now »


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