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Celebrities say no to fur!

Posted: 16 November 2017. Updated: 27 November 2019

ADI is working to end the cruel fur trade, with the help of our wonderful celebrity supporters. Worldwide more than 110 million animals are farmed for their fur each year. Denied their most natural behaviours, animals live in bare wire mesh cages until their deaths. Our latest investigation of a fur farm in Poland revealed a cruel industry built on an image of beauty and luxury.

Please help us shut down the fur farms. Find out how YOU can help here.

Ricky Gervais: “When you buy real fur, you’re basically saying ‘I’m okay with defenseless animals being trapped in the wild or kept in hideous conditions and then killed.’ But it’s not okay. It’s disgusting and unnecessary. Please don’t buy real fur.”

Joaquin Phoenix: “From the moment they are born until their deaths, animals farmed for their fur suffer. There’s no excuse for this cruelty, so please choose compassion and together let’s end this terrible trade.”

Moby: “The scale of suffering is immense, but we have the power to help the millions of animals caged and killed for their fur each year. Join Animal Defenders International and make a difference.”

Joanna Lumley: “Be comfortable in your own skin, and not that of a poor defenceless animal caged and killed to provide it. Say no to fur and yes to helping these fashion victims. Please help ADI stop this brutal trade.”

Brian Blessed: “Millions of wild animals live on factory farms, bred for the fashion industry. It’s time to kill the suffering, not the animal. Always choose faux and not real fur and support ADI’ in this campaign”

Peter Egan: “Don’t be fooled, fur is far from humane. Trapped in tiny cages, the animals endure a terrible life, and death. Please, never support this cruel industry. Join ADI and make a difference.”

Sara Pascoe: “With so many alternatives to fur available, no animal need suffer. Using the real thing is cruel and unnecessary. Please join me and ADI in supporting the designers whose fabrics, but not principles, are fake.”

Alexandra Paul: “I believe in all animals’ right to live free, pain free. Thanks to ADI’s undercover footage on fur farms, we now know the shocking truth behind this industry. We all need to make this stop – and we can do that by choosing cruelty-free fashion, not fur.”

Elaine Hendrix: “It was actually from an undercover fur video years ago that I became enlightened as to what was happening with animals. That changed my life, and I hope this video from ADI will change yours. When you see these vulnerable baby foxes brutalized for fashion, it should make us all think differently about our relationship to animals, and never, ever buy fur.”

Emily Deschanel: “Fur looks best, and belongs, on animals not people. To end the horrific suffering of millions of animals we need to say no to fur – for good.”

Gemma Atkinson: “We can all make a difference by making fashion choices that are kind not cruel to the animals. Don’t contribute to the suffering and deaths of millions of animals – say no to fur, forever.”

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