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Retailers who use fur

Posted: 21 November 2017. Updated: 20 March 2019


The following retailers are known to use real fur.

If you see fur on sale, you can use our helpful sample letter to urge retailers to stop using and selling it. Let us know if you receive a response.

You can also report it here.

For a list of retailers who do not use real fur, see here. If you know of any others, please contact us here.

Find out more about the cruel fur trade and how you can help here. (parent group Capital Group Companies)
Barneys (parent group Perry Capital)
Bergdof Goodman (parent group Neiman Marcus Group Inc)
Bloomingdales (parent group Macy’s Inc)
Canada Goose
Christian Dior (parent group LVMH)
Dolce & Gabanna
Harrods (parent group Qatar Investment Authority)
Harvel Nichols (parent group Dickson Concepts)
Max Mara
Saks Fifth Avenue (parent group Hudson’s Bay Company)

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