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Animal circus exposé in Ecuador

The plight of Indiano and other circus animals in Ecuador has been exposed by an undercover investigation of animal use by Field Officers from Animal Defenders International (ADI) and a new Stop Circus Suffering campaign and report by ADI and Ecuador’s Proteccion Animal (PAE) has been launched today.

ADI has described the findings of an investigation of circuses in Ecuador as “Some of the worst violence, confinement and deprivation of animals we have ever seen.”

The new report and DVD also highlight substandard living conditions for the animals and lack of adequate public safety measures – at several circuses visitors were seen attempting to touch animals like lions and tigers.

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Lion poked by a circus worker, Ecuador

Monkey being slapped, Ecuador

Lion being kicked, Ecuador

Lion, Circo Barney y sus amigos/Circo Alegria, Ecuador

Goat being yanked by the horns, Ecuador

Lion cub, Royal Dumbar circus, Ecuador

Dead pony, Ecuador

Monkey yanked into the air, Ecuador

Bull being whipped by circus worker, Ecuador

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