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Santus Circus (1997-2002)

Photos taken at Santus Circus, between 1997 and 2002. In the intervening years, little has changed to improve animal welfare: extremely poor quality make-shift accomodation is standard for the wide variety of animals travelling with the circus.

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A group of goats and an alpaca housed in tiny pens within a dilapidated stable tent

A camel, owned by the circus, swinging back his head in a stereotypic manner as he paces in circles inside his small pen

Two camels owned by santus circus lying in a small pen. Due to rain and a dilapidated tent, the floor around the camels’ pen has flooded

An African bull lying in a tiny pen in which he was housed. At the top of the picture the roof of the tent is bowing due to rain water, which later leaked through onto the animals.

A group of goats housed permanently in a tiny pen inside a dilapidated stable tent.

A group of goats with an alpaca, housed in old and tiny pens held together with pieces of string

Ponies and a donkey housed in tiny dilapidated stables within an equally dilapidated tent

Rhanee the female Indian elephant’s foot shackled to a steak in the ground

Rhanee the female Indian elephant shackled to the ground inside a dilapidated stable tent

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