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Have Trunk Will Travel elephant training

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Gary jabs Tai in the knee and stomach with the hot shot (stun gun) whilst she is doing a headstand.

Gary jabs at Taiís feet with a bullhook as the elephants do headstands on pedestals.

Gary prods at Tuckerís rear and lifts his feet with a bullhook, while Kari does similar at the front of the baby elephant.

The baby elephant Tucker is poked, with spike end of the bullhook, and pulled onto a pedestal by Gary and Kari.

Joanne hooks Tai hard in the trunk to make her turn around.

Dave and Joanne use the bullhook on Kittyís back legs to make her do a front leg stand on the pedestal.

Joanne shocks Rosie with the hot shot to make her move faster.

Joanne jabs at Rosie to make her move faster.

Joanne jabs Taiís trunk with a bullhook.

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