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Posted: 25 May 2005

11th April 2005: Horrific animal suffering exposed in UK Lab at Inveresk, Scotland

"See his point of view for a day” - thousands of supporters of the National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS) will hit the streets for World Lab Animal Week, where people will be asked to see the world through the eyes of a lab beagle for a day, and wear a special unlocked padlock badge to show that they care. On International Lab Animal Day itself, 24 April, supporters will observe 1 minuteís silence at midday (12 noon) in memory of the suffering of lab animals worldwide.

NAVS has released a new report on a contract testing laboratory, Inveresk laboratories, in Scotland, where leaked internal documents and photographs provide a chilling insight into the world of contract research, where animal experiments are conducted on behalf of manufacturers of products such as drugs, chemicals, household and industrial substances.

Inveresk offers its clients dogs, monkeys, rats, mice, rabbits, pigs, guinea pigs, goats, cows, birds, and fish for experimentation and claims to be responsible for approximately 1% of all experiments taking place in the UK - over 25,000 animals every year.

The Inveresk report provides detailed information about experiments on dogs, monkeys, rabbits and rats. It shows:

  • Extreme animal suffering and side effects arose from the experiments, including: dogs foaming at the mouth,vomiting bleeding from the gums; rats choking to death on paint; monkeys subdued, hunched in their cages, with swollen penises and scrota.
  • Miscalculations in dosing resulting in severe suffering, death and premature termination of studies;
  • Researchers running out of the test substance, half way through a study;
  • A test substance passing its expiry date before the end of the experiment, whilst dosing of the animals continued;
  • Animal tests being conducted when human studies were already underway;
  • Animal results ignored - human studies continued after bad animal results;
  • A drug accidentally pumped into dogs’ lungs instead of their stomachs.

Every year, an estimated 100 million animals suffer and die in experiments in the world’s laboratories. For each recorded use of an animal, a further 2-3 animals have been killed after a miserable short life in a cage, simply because they are surplus to requirements.

However, the fundamental flaw of animal research is that each species responds differently to substances, making animal tests unreliable as a way to predict effects in humans.


The NAVS funds non-animal scientific and medical research to the tune of around £300,000 a year - and has recently produced a report for European Commissioners on advanced non-animal methods of testing safety for the EUís REACH chemical strategy.

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