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Fingal to ban wild animal circues

Posted: 11 October 2007

Following a motion introduced by Socialist Party member Clare Daly last night at the council meeting Fingal County Council is set to pass a policy that will end all ‘wild’ animal circus performances on County Council land.

Jan Creamer, chief executive of Animal Defenders International (ADI), enthused: “We applaud Fingal Councillors’ move to ban wild animals from circuses in the county. Once people see the reality behind the glitz of the circus show, they don’t want to see animals suffer deprivation and abuse, just for entertainment. Fingal’s move will encourage other councils to make a similar stand on behalf of the animals and the public. In recent polls, 65% of people want to see an end to the use of all animals in circuses, and 80% want to see an end to the use of wild animals. ADI and Ireland’s Animal Rights Action Network (ARAN) are delighted”.rnrnNational exposure of undercover film footage of circus investigations has brought home the need for action. Studies have shown that with the best will in the world, animal welfare will always be compromised in the traveling circus, where animals spend most of their time in deprived environments, severely confined.rnrnLast year ARAN introduced a similar motion in Clonakilty in Co Cork, Limerick City, Wicklow and Wexford. The Irish circus campaign across has seen demonstrations right across the country, local council campaign meetings, mobile billboards taking the message to the streets and arts council and schools campaigning. A national Stop Circus Suffering in Ireland tour and protests are being planned for the next phase of the campaign.

Worldwide, the Stop Circus Suffering campaign has resulted in bans on the use of animals in circuses in South America, Europe, and the far East.

Notes to Editors
In Ireland, contact ARAN: John Carmody, National Events Organiser, Animal Rights Action Network (ARAN), PO Box 722, Kildare, Ireland Tel: +353 87 62 75579 Email:

The global campaign to Stop Circus Suffering
ADI is leading the campaign to end the suffering of animals in entertainment and currently has major campaigns running in Europe, South America, the UK asnd USA. ADI evidence has secured national and local authority bans all over the world, including Europe, UK, Costa Rica, Singapore, and several South American countries. The UK Government is currently considering a national ban under the new Animal Welfare Act 2006. Under CITES, new rules for the cross border movements of endangered species with travelling circuses in 170 countries. ADI has secured convictions for cruelty of circus personnel and rescued animals.

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