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Animal Friendly Shopper

Posted: 5 December 2007

Welcome to our second installment of Animal Friendly Shopper!

Due to popular demand ADI has explored the retail market to bring you up to date with what’s hot in the eco/animal friendly world of fashion, pampering and food to ensure your indulgences are catered for, guilt-free. What’s more, there are loads of prizes to be won. So sit back and see who’s made this season’s ADI list of the ethically best!

Fair & Fabulous

Their motto “If you’re thinking fair, start thinking Fabulous” says it all! This style conscious ‘fabulous’ new company has sourced some gorgeous items, all ethically produced, to try to crank up the image of ‘green’ products. Treat yourself and visit or call 01689 840792. We have an amazing bounty of Fair and Fabulous products to win by answering the following:

Can you name one of the celebrities photographed in a primate cage for our International Primate Day 2007?

Prizes include:

• Gorgeous Animal friendly Filthy Farmgirl Soap & Washcloth sets

• Fair Trade Apple handbag and a Belt Bag made from recycled juice packs produced by an award winning women’s cooperative in the Philippines.

Please email your answer to and mark it ‘Fair & Fabulous Competition’ – good luck and happy pampering!

Planet Trash

Planet Trash offers you a wide selection of beautiful, inspiring, high quality gifts and products made from recycled materials. This revolutionary company shows how the planet’s trash can be reinvented, recycled and reused to make exciting new items. For great ‘trash’ contact or call 02392 717066.

We’ve got fair-trade recycled geckos and giraffe up for grabs. So for your chance to get your hands on these magnificent beasts, answer this question:

What was the total number of signatures obtained on our Written Declaration 40 campaign in the European Parliament?

Please email your answer to and mark it ‘Planet Trash Competition’.

Kobashi Oils

Kobashi oils are renowned for supplying only the finest quality 100% natural pure essential and aromatherapy oils. Kobashi grow their own Organic Calendula, St. John’s Wort and Lavender in Devon and offer a wide range of wonderful oils providing a variety of beneficial effects. For more information contact Kobashi.

To win a bottle of luxurious aromatherapy oil answer this question:

Which university has a neuro-imaging facility supported by the Lord Dowding Fund?

Please email your answer to and mark it ‘Kobashi Competition’ – good luck and happy relaxing!

Mink Shoes

Straight from Beverly Hills, California, Mink Shoes combines high fashion and quality LA style!! For a selection of fab vegan killer heals for any occasion visit To be in with a chance of getting your hands on a slice of Californian style and win your very own pair of shoes worth up to a staggering $385,simply answer the following:

Name at least two animals in need of support in our ADI Adoption scheme.
Please email your answer to and mark it ‘Mink Shoes Competition’ – good luck and happy strutting!

Balm Balm

Let Balm Balm take care of all your moisturising needs. Their products are 100% natural and organic, Soil Association approved, not tested on animals, and can be found in all good independent shops and chemists. For your nearest supplier contact

To win a Balm Balm product answer this question:

What are the deadlines for the ban on cosmetics testing in the EU?

Please email your answer to and mark it ‘Balm Balm Competition’ – good luck and happy soothing!

Raw Chocolate

The RAW Chocolate Company’s bars are based on the raw chocolate bean and are natural, with no added sugar or dairy. All of the ingredients are ethically sourced from small-scale producers in South America, who use pesticide-free growing methods. To save our waistlines, simply enter this competition to win your very own bar:
Name one South American country which had a Stop Circus Suffering campaign launch this year.

For more info contact: Tel: 01273 677 821 or

Please email your answer to and mark it ‘Raw Chocolate Competition’.

’The Kingdom of Birds’ Signed Book Giveaway!

The ‘Kingdom of Birds’ is an enchanting story by Nilesh Manani about a young eagle’s journey into adulthood. The book is exciting and humourous, and highlights the threat to the kingdom of birds from humans. For your chance to win one of three signed copies, simply answer this question:

What is the name of the capuchin monkey we are rescuing?

Email your answer to and mark it ‘Kingdom of Birds Competition’ – good luck and happy reading!

Redwood Foods

Looking for a meat alternative and can’t find what you want? Well, feast your taste buds on Redwood foods! Their ‘Cheatin’ range is completely free from animal ingredients, cholesterol, hydrogenated fats, artificial colours/ preservatives and GMOs. Not only is it healthy, it’s tasty too! For info see The Redwood range is available in most health food shops and we have a £25 gift voucher to give away; simply answer this question:

Who is our spoon-bending celebrity ADI supporter?

Please email your answer to and mark it ‘Redwood Foods Competition’ – good luck and happy eating!
All competition entries should include full contact details: your name, address, telephone number and email. Entry deadline for all competitions is 1st February 2008.

Top 10 Catalogue Best Sellers

Thanks to everyone who has purchased from our 2007 Christmas catalogue. If you haven’t ordered yet, here’s the top 10 countdown of goodies everyone else has been snapping up!

Organic Catnip Tails
Back by popular demand and so far ahead in sales, surely it will be the year’s best seller! We’ve got more in stock, so order yours now – just look how much Rubi is enjoying hers!
SPB004 £4.50 each

Wakey Wakey
Ten cards and envelopes, one design, approx. 71/4x101/5"/ 84x170mm.
SPX013 £4.50

Bumper Christmas Card Assortment!
6 Designs. 24 cards & envelopes, various sizes.
SCA001 £4.50

Amongst the Berries
Ten cards and envelopes, one design, approx. 4"x 4"/99x99mm.
SPX012 £3.75

Geese at the Gate
Ten cards & envelopes, one design, approx. 63/4"x4"/ 114x165mm.
SPX010 ONLY £2.45
A Super Sale Item!

2008 Animals Calendar
Full-page, beautiful glossy pictures of animals (including rescues); space to write on each day; information about our campaigns and how to help.
SGC005 £7.75
Buy two for just £14
SGC006 £14

In the Forest
Ten cards and envelopes, one design, approx. 4.5"x6.5"/114x160mm.
SPX018 £4.90

Kittens Magnetic Shopping List Pad
A shopping list pad featuring delightful kittens that sticks to the side of your fridge. 95mm by 210mm. 70 sheets of paper.
SPC005 £2.99
Ten cards and envelopes, one design, approx. 3 1/4"x 6 3/4"/ 84x170mm.
SPX003 ONLY £2.25
A Super Sale Item!

Christmas Tiger
Tarzan, rescued this year from the circus, arrives at his new home. Ten cards & envelopes, one design, approx. 5"x7"/127x178mm.
SPX015 £4.90

Competition Winners

A very big ‘Thank You’ to everyone who took part in our ‘Consumer News’ competitions; we were inundated with entries, so congratulations to all the lucky winners. We hope you enjoy your prizes!

‘Never too Busy to be Beautiful’ competition winners:

Tamsyn Martin, Cornwall; Sarah-Jayne Windridge-France, Leeds; Anna Laprade, Brighton; Lorna McKenzie, Glasgow; Casey Hyde, Pond Cottage, Cumbria.

Q: What is the name given to the week in April that NAVS holds every year to protest against all animal experimentation?

A: [World] Lab Animal Week.

No Sweat Sneakers competition winners:

Robert McKenzie, Northants; Jean Trent, Coventry; Emma Thornton, York.

Q: What was the names of the two lions and tiger rescued from Portugal in February this year?

A: Caesar, Sarah and Tarzan.

Signed ‘The Morello Letters’ book competition winners;
Elaine Cardus, Redditch; Diarmid Mitchell, Inverness; Paula Mulholland, Co. Antrim.

Q: What is the name of the chimpanzee who we are trying to rescue in South America?

A: Karla.

The ‘lucky’ Raffle winners as follows:

*1st Prize to M. Allan from Kent: £1,500 *2nd Prize to C. Allen from Bucks: £500 *3rd Prize to F. Bunn from Herts: £250 *Two runners-up, W. Austin from Herts and R. Male from Watford, receive ‘ADI Catalogue Vouchers’ for £20 each.

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