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Step Right Up! Dramatic New Undercover Expose of U.S. Animal Circuses Set to Shock the Nation

Posted: 30 July 2008

Animal Defenders International to Host Press Screening of New Footage of U.S. Circus Animal Abuse and Publication of Scientific Report

NEW YORK, NY (July 14, 2008)— To herald the start of a new campaign against the use of animals in circuses, campaign group Animal Defenders International (ADI) will be screening exclusive and dramatic footage from inside U.S. circuses. Nine of America’s most renowned animal circuses are exposed in the film, with never seen before footage graphically revealing the suffering and abuse of animals. Violence caught on film includes an elephant dragged to the ground and then kicked in the face.

The controversial footage will be screened to the press at Tribeca Cinemas and will also launch ADI’s Science on Suffering report, which details the scientific evidence that supports the arguments against keeping animals in circuses; using the U.S. cases as a pilot study.

The campaign has also already gained other high profile supporters including Alicia Silverstone, Kristy McNichol, Anna Maria Horsford and Dan Piraro.

Where: Tribeca Cinemas, 54 Varick Street. Drinks and refreshments will be served.

When: 10:30am, Monday July 14th 2008

The disturbing new DVD and scientific report will be sent to the U.S. Congress the following week, as it raises new issues to be addressed politically that will see the campaign escalate in the coming months. New York was chosen for the national launch because it is the capital of the East Coast entertainment industry and many circuses often start nationwide tours in New York. A copy of the report and letter from ADI urging City Hall to push for a ban on animal circuses will be delivered to Mayor Bloomburg.

ADI U.S. President Jan Creamer says:

“The abuse captured by the field officers in our expose is truly shocking. In addition to the violence we have uncovered, it is time for the public and community leaders to accept that even with the best will in the world, it is not possible for circuses to adequately care for animals when they are living in temporary accommodation and moving location every week. We believe that the people of New York, and indeed the entire nation, will be absolutely horrified to learn that this cruelty in the name of entertainment took place right on their doorstep.”

ADI will also launch a major outreach campaign to New York’s Latin communities with Spanish versions of the DVD and campaign materials. Having recently achieved considerable success in Bolivia, Colombia and Peru, and with offices in Lima and Bogota, ADI believes Latin communities represent a reservoir of compassionate supporters for animal causes who have not yet been mobilized. The Latin American communities are targeted by circuses and have not yet had the opportunity to find out the truth behind the circus shows.

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