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ADI calls on consumers to hand in their Barclaycards

Posted: 28 July 2005

ADI slams ad using performing monkey

Barclaycard’s latest ad depicting a performing monkey acting as a pickpocket on a bus full of tourists with Jennifer Saunders, has been slammed by Animal Defenders International (ADI), whose recent campaign, ‘My Mate’s a Primate’, called for an end to the use of performing primates in advertising.

This summer through its campaign ads, ADI has been urging people to show more compassion for our closest relatives in the animal kingdom. At the same time, Barclaycard is promoting its latest product, using a performing monkey.

In the first of case of its kind in the UK, ADI exposed the horrific abuse of primates at Mary Chipperfield Promotions that took place behind the scenes, whilst preparing the animals for advertising and film appearances. ADI brought summonses in this high profile case and Mary Chipperfield was convicted of 13 counts of cruelty.

Jan Creamer, Chief Executive of ADI, says: “Training captive monkeys to perform on command requires the trainer to dominate the animals which frequently involves physical punishment and deprives them of their normal social interactions. Primates suffer in this way both with suppliers of animals for the TV and movie industry and travelling circuses and shows.”

“Even what may be described as “positive reinforcement” or “reward” training can be a form of torture for these animals. This is because it means emotionally starving the animals so that they appreciate any affection bestowed as a “reward”. In order to maintain a supply of trained animals for entertainment, baby animals bred in captivity are often pulled from their mothers and reared in human or other inappropriate surroundings. This deprives the mother of her infant, and deprives the infant of its own species’ culture, leading to abnormal behaviour and stress later on.”

Jan Creamer added: “Our message is simple, if companies feel it is acceptable to treat primates in this way for ‘a laugh’ in an advert, then we will be calling on our supporters to hand in their credit cards.”

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