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Complaints about a Lapland theme park - ADI calls for ban on animals as Christmas entertainment

Posted: 2 December 2008

UPDATE........Lapland New Forest has been closed down after thousands of complaints

Following complaints about the use of huskies and reindeer at a Lapland theme park in the south of England, Animal Defenders International has called upon Christmas event organisers to leave animals out of their seasonal shows.

The Lapland New Forest in Dorset has been the subject of more than a thousand complaints to Trading Standards and internet forums, and complaint groups on Facebook have attracted more than 1500 members. Many visitors have expressed concern about the animals on-site, and some have called the RSPCA to complain. Visitors have written on web forums that “My daughter was upset because the dogs were howling”, “The so called gorgeous Husky’s were going beserk chained up”, “There was a pen containing howling huskies, a couple of chained reindeer, and a couple of other animals” and “I feel sorriest for the animals – they do look miserable”.

Trading Standards officers are investigating the park, but told ADI that with regard to the huskies they appear to be fed and watered, and are chained up for restraint purposes for safety, therefore it was felt no further action was needed.

However, Animal Defenders International is calling for a halt to the use of animals for entertainment.

ADI Chief Executive, Jan Creamer, says “It is terribly sad that animals in cases like this are just used to provide entertainment for people. The huskies and reindeer at Christmas events may be fed and sheltered, but nobody can claim they have a fulfilling life, being chained up for children to stroke, with no opportunity to express natural behaviours. I am thankful to the British public for raising their concerns about the treatment of these animals, and I hope that more people will continue to voice their disgust about the use of animals as ‘entertainment’. While it is still legal for animals to be paraded around at Christmas events I would ask people to vote with their feet, and stay away from those kind of attractions”


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Information about the Lapland New Forest investigation by Dorset County Council Trading Standards department can be found here:

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