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Deadline for changes to European rules on animal experiments approaches

Posted: 20 January 2009

Animal Defenders International (ADI) says no effort will be spared in trying to push through changes to European laws overseeing animal experiments.

12 million animals die in European experiments each year. Legislators have a once-in-a-generation opportunity for the EU to take the lead over animal experimentation with long-awaited revisions to the 22-year-old EC Directive 86/609.

Following an ADI campaign across Europe, there is considerable support for strong measures to end experiments on primates. The Commission response has been hailed as partial victory with proposals to implement many of the ADI demands, including bans on using great apes and wild-caught monkeys.

However, ADI is concerned about loopholes in the current proposals and wants the legislation to be strengthened. The new ADI ‘Vision for Europe’ report is a comprehensive analysis of the Commission proposals, and ADI responses. It has been distributed to every MEP at the European Parliament.

The new proposals to replace the old directive were introduced to the Parliament’s Agriculture and Rural Development Committee (AGRI) which will be debating amendments and producing a report on the proposals.

ADI representatives are attending the meetings in Brussels. Chief Executive, Jan Creamer says “I am concerned that the timetable for discussing these revisions is very tight, as we need to be sure all aspects of this legislation are properly assessed. However, I welcome the overall aims of revising the directive, and we will work alongside MEPs to try and achieve the best protection for the countless animals that suffer in scientific experiments across Europe.”


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A pdf copy of the ADI response document, ‘A Vision for Europe’ is available from the ADI PR Office. The full text of the proposal to revise 86 609 EEC (released on November 5th, 2008) is available here:

The full text of Written Declaration 40, which called for a ban on the use of great apes, wild-caught monkeys, and a timetable to phase-out all primate experiments is available here:

Fifth Report on the Statistics on the Number of Animals used for Experimental and other Scientific Purposes in the Member States of the European Union 2007 (figures for 2005) is available here:

The ADI manifesto released before the announcement of proposed revisions to 86 609 EEC is available here: rn

ADI report ‘The Primate Nations: The case against laboratory research on primates’ is available here:

ADI/NAVS Response to the statement of the EU Scientific Steering Committee on the use of non-human primates (NHP) in biomedical research is available here: rnrnrn

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