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Animal Defenders International launches massive campaign to save the primates

Posted: 28 January 2009

2009 is set to be one of the most important years for laboratory primates for decades, as rules governing animal experiments for the whole of Europe are agreed by the European Parliament.

Key discussions are taking place which could lead to crucial measures to protect primates. Draft proposals to revise the key piece of legislation EC Directive 86/609 include bans on using great apes and wild-caught monkeys, but fall short of phasing out primate testing. ADI has produced a comprehensive response called ‘A Vision for Europe’ which broadly welcomes these proposals, but also draws attention to loopholes and key areas of concern. It has been distributed to every MEP at the European Parliament.

A new website has been launched which will draw attention to efforts to protect our fellow primates by pulling together all the latest news on the European campaign. Here supporters can gain background information on the long-running efforts to revise the rules on primate testing and find out how they can help. In a big push for public support and participation supporters across the country are being mobilised to help save the primates by writing to their MEPs to ask them to consider the ADI recommendations on the amendment of the revision of Directive 86 609. Supporters will also be distributing leaflets and postcards to raise awareness and fundraising for the production of scientific reports, campaign materials, undercover investigations, and the rescue of abused and suffering primates.

ADI Chief Executive, Jan Creamer says “This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to really make a difference to the lives of our closest relatives in the animal kingdom. We will work alongside MEPs to try and achieve the best protection for these countless animals that suffer in scientific experiments across Europe. I ask all those people who also care about animal suffering to make their voices heard on behalf of the defenceless animals that cannot speak for themselves.”



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The ADI response document, ‘A Vision for Europe’ is available here:

Details of the proposal to revise 86 609 EEC (released on November 5th, 2008) is available here:

The full text of Written Declaration 40, which called for a ban on the use of great apes, wild-caught monkeys, and a timetable to phase-out all primate experiments is available here:

Fifth Report on the Statistics on the Number of Animals used for Experimental and other Scientific Purposes in the Member States of the European Union 2007 (figures for 2005) is available here:

The ADI manifesto released before the announcement of proposed revisions to 86 609 EEC is available here: rn

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