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Posted: 30 January 2009


It is with great pleasure to inform you of the launch of our new ‘Save the Primates’ website,

Save the Primates website is managed and sponsored by Animal Defenders International (ADI). This new site is aimed at keeping both members of the public and decision makers up to date with the very latest issues surrounding our campaign, and will draw attention to efforts being made to protect our fellow primates.

In the coming months our focus will be the draft proposals to revise European rules on animals in experiments – the revision of EC Directive 86/609. In 2007, the European Parliament adopted a Written Declaration 40/2007 after it was signed by 55% of MEPs. The Declaration called for the revision of Directive 86/609 to urgently end the use of great apes and wild-caught monkeys in experiments, and for a timetable to be established to replace the use of all primates in experiments. Furthermore, since 55% of the European Parliament signed up to Written Declaration 40, it has been announced that the number of primate species in danger of extinction has risen from a quarter to one third. This is a remarkable opportunity to end the suffering of our closest relatives in the animal kingdom.

From this new website we will report everything you need to know on these events, how you can help, and we’ll highlight other primate stories. Here you can gain background information on the long-running efforts to revise the rules on primate testing and find out how they can help via our Get Involved section. Here we hope to gain momentum in a big push for public support and participation by mobilising supporters in numerous ways to campaign and fundraise for primates.

We do hope you like our new website and welcome your support. The new directive on animal testing is now in the open parliament and we count on your support to help save the primates.

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