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Shocking footage of owl monkeys being trapped for experiments screened in Colombia

Posted: 12 February 2009

Shocking footage of owl monkeys being trapped for experiments screened at Congress in Colombia

Thursday 12th February. Bogotá, Colombia:

Animal Defenders International are launching in Colombia the latest phase of an international campaign to save primates from scientific experiments. ADI are currently active in the European Parliament where measures to restrict the use of primates in experiments are under discussion. This latest initiative marks the start of the first major drive in South America to end the use of monkey in research.

The ADI DVD ‘Save The Primates’ has been screened today in the Colombian Congress and features evidence collected by ADI Field Officers of owl monkeys being snatched from the forests and taken for malaria experiments. ADI also secured footage inside the Colombian Immunology Foundation Institute (FIDIC) where the owl monkeys are experimented on.

The undercover footage shows trappers searching the forests by night for owl monkeys. When they are found in the trees they are netted and torn terrified from their homes and placed in sacks. Inside FIDIC the monkeys are filmed inside tiny, barren, metal cages, a shocking contrast to their forest homes.

Almost half the primate species in the world are now in danger of extinction and the
capture of the owl monkeys has already created a storm of protest amongst environmentalists and animal welfare campaigners.
At the Congress of Colombia in the capital, Bogotá, Senator Camilo Sánchez Ortega has organised the first ever national conference against the mistreatment of animals. ADI was invited to the conference to screen the ‘Save The Primates’ video, and give presentations about animal experiments, and also the ongoing ‘Stop Circus Suffering’ campaign. The conference will be broadcast throughout Colombia on national television.
ADI South America Campaigns Co-ordinator, Juan Pablo Olmos, says “Momentum is growing in Colombia to protect animals from suffering. The animal welfare bills that have been proposed show that the will is there to take animal cruelty seriously. The terrible scenes of anguish and terror in the ‘Save The Primates’ film when monkeys are stolen from the Colombian forests will force people to address this issue head-on, and make them question whether we can allow this animal cruelty to continue.”

The footage has also been distributed to all Members of the European Parliament as they consider changes to the laws on animal experiments, including a ban on testing on wild-caught primates, and phasing in a ban on using the offspring of wild-caught parents.


For further information:
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ADI Colombia: South America Campaigns Coordinator, Juan Pablo Olmos


The full investigative video ‘Save The Primates’ is available to watch here:

‘Save the Primates – A study on the use of primates in regulatory testing’ (short) is available here in pdf (English)

‘Primate Testing in Europe – A report on the use of primates in regulatory testing in a typical European commercial testing laboratory’ (full) is available here in pdf:
(English) (/link}

The full text of the proposal to revise 86 609 EEC (released on November 5th, 2008) is available here: {link: }

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