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ADI slams animal exploitation over the use of live peacocks in ‘art’ exhibition

Posted: 17 March 2009

Animal Defenders International has written a formal letter of complaint to the Camden Arts Centre in London, to express concern about the use of two live peacocks in a current exhibition.

The exhibition, called ‘The Need For Uncertainty’, features one peacock and one peahen in a barren, sterile cage, with nothing to interest the animals, and no means of escape from public view. The Camden Arts Centre website describes the exhibition by saying “Giant golden cages are inhabited by two peacocks prompting reflections on worlds within worlds, on freedom and its limitations.”

The display is by Romanian artist Mircea Cantor and runs until April 19th. The run is for a total of eight weeks.

The Arts Centre says “The welfare of the peacocks is of primary concern and Camden Arts Centre has taken expert advice on looking after them during the exhibition, after which they will be returned to their breeder.”

However, ADI Chief Executive, Jan Creamer, says “I am appalled by the use of live animals in this ‘art’ exhibit to demonstrate the limitations on freedom. These peacocks are in a barren, sterile environment, deprived of any interest or enrichment. They have no means to escape the stares of the public, which all animals find intimidating. Animals should not be exploited for human entertainment in this way. Regardless of the size of the cage, or other efforts to care for these animals, Camden Arts Centre should be ashamed of itself for using living animals in this trivial and crass way, just for entertainment.”


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Official details about the exhibition can be found here:

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