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Anti-vivisection groups unite to urge MEPs: ‘Don’t sell the animals short’

Posted: 26 March 2009

Six leading animal protection groups have joined forces to urge key MEPs to vote for measures that would end laboratory secrecy and cruelty, as we approach a crucial vote to proposals to change the European laws on animal testing.

The six groups – Advocates for Animals, Animal Aid, Animal Defenders International, Dr Hadwen Trust, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and Uncaged – have signed Open Letters to British MEPs who sit on the European Parliament’s Agricultural Committee.

This committee is playing the central role in developing the new Directive on animals in scientific experiments. In a crucial meeting on March 31st, these MEPs will vote on a series of proposals that will be key in determining the content of the final Directive.

Throughout the committee process, pro-vivisectionist lobbyists representing the primate trade and research industry have tabled amendments that can only be described as destructive. Much of the debate has been dominated by sweeping generalisations and scare mongering about scientific progress – arguments which do not stand up to scientific scrutiny.

The six anti-vivisectionist groups have joined together to urge MEPs to stand firm and not to bow to pressure from those with vested interests who are resisting all change and control.

ADI Chief Executive, Jan Creamer says: “I urge members of the Agriculture Committee to vote for amendments to the Directive that can make a significant move towards ending animal suffering, whilst improving investment for development of advanced scientific research techniques that don’t use animals. The draft reports contains amendments that would seriously jeopardise protection for animals in laboratories. Without positive changes these regulations could undermine protection for animals and destroy years of progress. These key MEPs have a chance to listen to the demands of the British public and vote for 21st century research that is both scientifically robust, and ethically sound. ”

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