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Camden Arts Centre responds to ADI concerns about the use of live peacocks in art exhibition

Posted: 27 March 2009

Animal Defenders International recently wrote a formal letter of complaint to the Camden Arts Centre in London, to express concern about the use of two live peacocks in a current exhibition entitled ‘The Need for Uncertainty’ by Mircea Cantor.

ADI Chief Executive, Jan Creamer, commented: “I am appalled by the use of live animals in this ‘art’ exhibit to demonstrate the limitations on freedom. These peacocks are in a barren, sterile environment, deprived of any interest or enrichment. They have no means to escape the stares of the public, which all animals find intimidating. Animals should not be exploited for human entertainment in this way. Regardless of the size of the cage, or other efforts to care for these animals, Camden Arts Centre should be ashamed of itself for using living animals in this trivial and crass way, just for entertainment.”

A response has now been received from Jenny Lomax, the Director of Camden Arts Centre:

Thank you for your recent letter regarding the exhibition The Need For Uncertainty by Mircea Cantor.

We have noted your expression of concern but stand by our original statement that the peacock and peahen are being well looked after. We have taken advice from experts to ensure the highest standard of care for the animals and have been informed by the breeder, the London Veterinary College and the RSPCA that we are taking all reasonable steps to ensure the birds are well cared for.

The animals have constant access to recommended bird feed supplied by the breeder and fresh drinking water. The cage is situated in a corner and we have provided the birds with shelter giving them a private area. The cage also contains two large perches so the birds are able to roost. Once the exhibition closes the birds will be returned to their breeder.

I hope this alleviates some of your concerns about the exhibition.

Yours sincerely,
Jenny Lomax

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